How to use Instructions

Basic Operations:

Remove the top cover, inner lid and power supply cord from the base unit. Fill the water tank to or below MAX water mark indicator. Add 5-10 drops of 100% pure essential oil directly into the water and cover the inner lid and ceramic top cover. Plug the head of power adaptor into the power jack on the back base and plug the power adaptor into the wall socket.  

Press the Power Mist/Light Button on the diffuser to start the device. 

Mist and Timer Settings:

Timer Settings

  • 1st click: Always on mist
  • 2nd click: 1 hour mist
  • 3rd click: 3 hour mist
  • 4th click: 8 hour mist
  • 5th click: Turn off mist

Mist mode settings

  • Intermittent (30 sec. on/ 30 sec. off)
  • Continuous

To switch between mist modes, press mist button for 2 seconds until indicator blinks. 

Note: Timer is not interrupted whenever mist modes changed. 

Light Setting:

Light Mode Switch

  • 1st click: Brighter light
  • 2nd click: Dimmer light
  • 3rd click: Breathing light
  • 4th click: Turn off light

Breathing Light

Brightness of the light gradually increases and decreases in cycles. 

Sleep Helper

Sleep helper mode is light timer function tailored to turn off lamp in 30 minutes.

Independent night light

Light can be switched on and off independently of the mist function.